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Elevated Feeders

Welcome to Bearwood Essentials

We are wagging with excitement that you are here! On behalf of my sisters Gracie & Ellie we want to welcome you.

My sisters and I (Scarlett) have built Bearwood Essentials from the ground up to bring comfort, quality, and happiness to all our furry friends. We have a variety of products that we know you will love!

Elevated Feeders

Elevated pet feeders are elevated food and water bowls for pets, customizable with different elevations according to your pets' size. Elevating your pets bowls enables your pet to maintain an upright posture and have many health benefits according to experts and veterinarians. This will allow your pet to be comfortable while they eat their food in our elevated feeders. 

So, What Are The Benefits of Elevated Feeders?

A good quality elevated feeder can:

•   Improve your pets body posture and comfort. 

•   Less stress on your fur babies back and joints. 

•    Improve ease of swallowing.

     •    Aides pets with megaesophagus, that have difficulty swallowing or have other digestive issues.     

•    Slows down speedy eaters. 

•    Prevents pets from laying down to eat. 

How to Select the Correct Elevated Feeder

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